5" Village Figures
Category Products

Category Products

Aaron, Young ShepherdAaron, Young Shepherd
Abraham, Old VillagerAbraham, Old Villager
Adah and Jason, ChildrenAdah and Jason, Children
Allon - Basket WeaverAllon - Basket Weaver
Amos - the CarpenterAmos - the Carpenter
Andrew, PotterAndrew, Potter
Aquila, Tent MakerAquila, Tent Maker
Armoni - The Produce MerchantArmoni - The Produce Merchant
Ava and Lea, Woman and ChildAva and Lea, Woman and Child
Azaria, StablehandAzaria, Stablehand
Benaiah, Brick LayerBenaiah, Brick Layer
Bethany, with Fruit BasketBethany, with Fruit Basket
Carlo, Youth with LadderCarlo, Youth with Ladder
Carmi, Woman Vineyard WorkerCarmi, Woman Vineyard Worker
Claudia - with Flower BasketClaudia - with Flower Basket
Clement - a Boy with a PigClement - a Boy with a Pig
Darius, Bread MerchantDarius, Bread Merchant
Dionysius - Boy Pressing GrapesDionysius - Boy Pressing Grapes
Elisabeth, Innkeeper's WifeElisabeth, Innkeeper's Wife
Felix, StorytellerFelix, Storyteller
Filia - Little Girl with kittensFilia - Little Girl with kittens
Gilam - Villager with LanternGilam - Villager with Lantern
Gilead - with Water JarsGilead - with Water Jars
Giorgio - the Trading Post OwnerGiorgio - the Trading Post Owner
Hannah - Farm GirlHannah - Farm Girl
Hershel - a Young CarpenterHershel - a Young Carpenter
Hirah, Glass BlowerHirah, Glass Blower
Hiram, FishermanHiram, Fisherman
Jabin, the FalconerJabin, the Falconer
Jacob, Fisherman - 2 piece setJacob, Fisherman - 2 piece set
Jada, Boy FishingJada, Boy Fishing
Jareth, Drummer BoyJareth, Drummer Boy
Jeshua and Adin, father and sonJeshua and Adin, father and son
Jethro, Tamar and Saul, childrenJethro, Tamar and Saul, children
John, FarmerJohn, Farmer
Josiah, BagpiperJosiah, Bagpiper
Judah, Harvesting Grain - save $3Judah, Harvesting Grain - save $3
Julia, with CalfJulia, with Calf
Julian - The Parchment MakerJulian - The Parchment Maker
Junia and EveJunia and Eve
Keenan - a Farmer feeding chickensKeenan - a Farmer feeding chickens
Madeline, GirlMadeline, Girl
Maia - Lady With LambMaia - Lady With Lamb
Mara, Selling GlasswareMara, Selling Glassware
Mary's Donkey - 3 piece setMary's Donkey - 3 piece set
Merari, Welcoming Host - 2013 Tour figure - Save $5Merari, Welcoming Host - 2013 Tour figure - Save $5
Moriah, Fig LadyMoriah, Fig Lady
Naamah, with water jugNaamah, with water jug
Nathan, Produce PeddlerNathan, Produce Peddler
Nisan, Boy with DonkeyNisan, Boy with Donkey
Noah, Water BoyNoah, Water Boy
Orion, BlacksmithOrion, Blacksmith
Ox - SeatedOx - Seated
Rachel, with BasketRachel, with Basket
Ruth, Bread MakerRuth, Bread Maker
Saint FrancisSaint Francis
Salome - carrying bread basketSalome - carrying bread basket
Samantha, VillagerSamantha, Villager
Silvanus, Knife SharpenerSilvanus, Knife Sharpener
Teman, HunterTeman, Hunter
Thaddeus, InnkeeperThaddeus, Innkeeper
Tiberius, Roman SculptorTiberius, Roman Sculptor
Timothy, TravelerTimothy, Traveler
Titus, Shoe CobblerTitus, Shoe Cobbler
Uri, Boy Sowing Seeds - save $3Uri, Boy Sowing Seeds - save $3
Zofia, Fruit MerchantZofia, Fruit Merchant
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