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5" Village Figures
Category Products

Category Products

Aaron, Young ShepherdAaron, Young Shepherd
Abraham, Old VillagerAbraham, Old Villager
Allon - Basket WeaverAllon - Basket Weaver
Amos - the CarpenterAmos - the Carpenter
Andrew, PotterAndrew, Potter
Armoni - The Produce MerchantArmoni - The Produce Merchant
Bethany, with Fruit BasketBethany, with Fruit Basket
Carlo, Youth with Ladder - 2018 re-introductionCarlo, Youth with Ladder - 2018 re-introduction
Carmi, Woman Vineyard WorkerCarmi, Woman Vineyard Worker
Claudia - with Flower BasketClaudia - with Flower Basket
Clement - a Boy with a PigClement - a Boy with a Pig
Cyrus - Boy Sleeping on Camel - ships mid JanuaryCyrus - Boy Sleeping on Camel - ships mid January
Dahlia - With Basket of MushroomsDahlia - With Basket of Mushrooms
Daphne - JewelerDaphne - Jeweler
Darius, Bread MerchantDarius, Bread Merchant
David, Boy with Cape and LanternDavid, Boy with Cape and Lantern
Dionysius - Boy Pressing GrapesDionysius - Boy Pressing Grapes
Elijah - Shepherd HerderElijah - Shepherd Herder
Elisabeth, Innkeeper's WifeElisabeth, Innkeeper's Wife
Felix, Storyteller - RetiredFelix, Storyteller - Retired
Gilam - Villager with LanternGilam - Villager with Lantern
Giorgio - the Trading Post OwnerGiorgio - the Trading Post Owner
Good ShepherdGood Shepherd
Hannah - Farm GirlHannah - Farm Girl
Hershel - a Young CarpenterHershel - a Young Carpenter
Hirah, Glass BlowerHirah, Glass Blower
Hiram, FishermanHiram, Fisherman
Jacob, Fisherman - 2 piece setJacob, Fisherman - 2 piece set
Jareth, Drummer BoyJareth, Drummer Boy
Jethro, Tamar and Saul, children - RetiredJethro, Tamar and Saul, children - Retired
John, FarmerJohn, Farmer
Josiah, BagpiperJosiah, Bagpiper
Judah, Harvesting Grain - RetiredJudah, Harvesting Grain - Retired
Julia, with CalfJulia, with Calf
Julian - The Parchment MakerJulian - The Parchment Maker
Junia and EveJunia and Eve
Maia - Holding a LambMaia - Holding a Lamb
Mara, Selling GlasswareMara, Selling Glassware
Merari, Welcoming Host - 2013 Tour figure - Save $5Merari, Welcoming Host - 2013 Tour figure - Save $5
Naamah - with water jarNaamah - with water jar
Nathaniel - with Baby AnimalsNathaniel - with Baby Animals
Nisan, Boy with DonkeyNisan, Boy with Donkey
Noah, Water BoyNoah, Water Boy
Orion, BlacksmithOrion, Blacksmith
Rachel, with BasketRachel, with Basket
Rebekah, Aram and Adel - 2 piece setRebekah, Aram and Adel - 2 piece set
Ruth, Bread MakerRuth, Bread Maker
Saint FrancisSaint Francis
Salome - carrying bread basketSalome - carrying bread basket
Seth - Little Boy with kittens - Retired - Limited QtySeth - Little Boy with kittens - Retired - Limited Qty
Silvanus, Knife SharpenerSilvanus, Knife Sharpener
Thaddeus, InnkeeperThaddeus, Innkeeper
Tiberius, Roman Sculptor - RetiredTiberius, Roman Sculptor - Retired
Titus, Shoe CobblerTitus, Shoe Cobbler
Uri, Boy Sowing Seeds - RetiredUri, Boy Sowing Seeds - Retired
Zina - Village Girl - 2017 Tour FigureZina - Village Girl - 2017 Tour Figure
Zina - Wife of the Basket WeaverZina - Wife of the Basket Weaver
ZZ-Add a 5" figure
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