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Fontanini 16 Figure Nativity Set - 17" wide Wood Stable #54492 - available April / May
Fontanini 16 Figure Nativity Set - 17" wide Wood Stable #54492 - available April / May
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5" Scale Fontanini Nativity Set

This set qualifies for our 25% off sale discount.

Product Description:

16 Figure Nativity Set with Italian Stable, including the Story Cards for each figure.  

The Italian stable is 17" wide, 12" high and 9" deep.  The stable is made of wood, bark and moss, and is large enough to display the Holy Family and additional figures and animals. Two trumpeting angels hang on pegs from the double tiered, moss covered roof.  

The back of the stable features a section of decorative stonework material that provides a focal background for the Holy Family.  Each stable is individually crafted in Italy.  The natural bark trim is unique to every stable, selected with an artist's eye to create an attactive setting for your nativity figures.  

Figures include:
  • Centennial Holy Family
  • Two Trumpeting Angels
  • Three Kings
  • Matthew, Shepherd
  • David, carrying Lantern
  • Rachel, Village Girl
  • Set of Three Sheep
  • Seated Donkey
  • Seated Ox
The sheep family includes an adorable lamb.  Matthew carries a small sheep on his shoulders.  David arrives with his lantern, having found his way in the dusk.  Pretty Bethany brings a gift of fruit, joining the Three Kings with their gifts.  

This is one of our most popular Fontanini Heirloom Nativity gift sets, for Christmas and for weddings.  You can choose from dozens of figures, animals and village shops to create your own Bethlehem village scene as you add to the set each year.  Several interesting trees and landscaping accessories are available.  Children can handle the durable polymer figures, read the Story Cards, and enjoy building a family tradition.