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About Fontanini
About Fontanini

About Fontanini

Welcome to our Fontanini Heirloom Nativity Store.  The illustrious House of Fontanini is renowned for over one hundred years of tradition and quality.  The Fontanini Heirloom Nativity brand name has become synonymous with great artisanship all over the world.   The Fontanini name is associated with nativities of high quality and great attention to detail. 

The nativity pieces from the Fontanini family are filled with the warmth, sincerity, love and closeness of all who contribute to the creation of these beautiful works of art.  The old Tuscan tradition of figurine making continues in the Fontanini Heirloom nativity pieces, characterized by the intensity of their faces and symbolic beauty.  This sought-after collection is prized for its lifelike sculpting, meticulous hand painting and attention to detail.   New pieces are added every year, enabling you to customize your Fontanini Heirloom nativity. 

These nativity figures are made of durable molded polymer resin and painted with child safe paint.  You can create a lasting family tradition with nativity figures, animals and accessories that bring the village of Bethlehem to life for your kids.  Each figure is accompanied by a story card, telling how each one was touched by the story of the newborn King.  Kids love to read the stories and hear you read the stories to them.  These are the moments that make memories that last a lifetime.

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